ECG Bootcamp is an ECG practice software created for medical professionals that provides repetitive practice to master ECG interpretation.

Medical education literature reveals strikingly poor ECG interpretation skills among medical trainees and attending physicians, which can lead to adverse patient outcomes.

ECG Bootcamp has the following benefits over other online tools: (which we consider important for high-yield learning)

  • Ongoing self-assessment
  • A dynamic practice bank (detects user weaknesses, and provides ECGs for close gaps in learning)
  • Realistic user interaction (we use search-text answers instead of traditional multiple choice)
  • A rapidly growing peer-reviewed ECG bank (all answers are peer reviewed by an EP specialist and a trainee)

This software was created and programmed by Dr. Pavel Antiperovitch (Cardiology clinical fellow at the University of Western Ontario), who worked in partnership with Dr. Adrian Baranchuk (attending electrophysiologist at Queen's University) to create content.

Biography - Dr. Pavel Antiperovitch

Dr. Pavel Antiperovitch, MD BSc
Department of Medicine (PGY4)
Division of Cardiology
University of Western Ontario (Canada)
University Hospital
apavel @ gmail.com

Biography - Dr. Adrian Baranchuk

Adrian Baranchuk, MD FACC FRCPC FCCS
Professor of Medicine and Physiology
Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing
Kingston General Hospital
Queen's University (Canada)